Collectie: Playdough

Duurzame playdough van invitation to imagine.

Children are naturally drawn to it and it can keep a child busy imagining and playing for hours! 

It is a lovely open-ended play resource, forms the base of many sensory themes and play invitations, all the whilst strengthening those little hand muscles that become super important for handwriting later on.I found store-bought play dough to be quite tough for little hands to manipulate, I never know what’s in it and honestly, it never smells that great.

Our Dutch Dough is beautifully scented, long-lasting, and made from natural ingredients. Each dough pot has a unique color and scent. We use essential oils to scent our dough and coconut oil in the kneading process, so after playing your hands are soft and smell great.

Our play dough is CE certified and independently lab tested.